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Our Pre-Test Assessment Can Help You Pass Your Driving Test

  • I highly recommend Rob to anyone looking for a driving instructor. He's extremely patient and I have gained a lot of knowledge. I passed my P's test on the first go. Once again, thankyou so much Rob. :)

  • I would like to thank you Rob for the lessons I passed my driving test all that practice I learnt so much and I pushed my self to achieve my goal all thanks to you thank you for the support. I would recommend it to my friends and family 😁

    Fats Khayy
  • Rob is a wonderful driving instructor. Very knowledgeable, calm and patient. Highly recommended to anyone.

    Daria Varfolomeeva
  • My nephew learnt with All Safe Driving School, Rob was great. Highly recommended

    Douglas Goh
  • How can a Pre-Test Assessment help?

    How can a Pre-Test Assessment help?

    We'll help you pass your driving test with flying colours

    At All Safe Driving School, our instructors can conduct a driving lesson that will resemble the driving test you will be taking to earn your Australian driver’s license. It is called a pre-test assessment or a mock driving test and, as the name implies, you will complete a test run to familiarise yourself with the requirements and to help you become more comfortable and confident with the process.

    Your results will be assessed, and errors and improvements will be shared with you so that you can work on these areas to develop your skills prior to taking your driving test.

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  • More on the Pre-Test Driver Assessment

    More on the Pre-Test Driver Assessment

    If you are not completely prepared for your driving test, don’t worry. At All Safe Driving School, our instructors will have you test-ready in no time. We understand that nerves may be an issue before a driving test. Performing a pre-test assessment can really help to overcome these nerves so you can focus on driving and passing your test. During our pre-test driving assessments, we will treat the lesson like the real exam. We will use a test sheet that is similar to that which the assessor will use. We will drive in the same area that the test route will be taken.

    Our standard driving lessons will cover a wide range of different situations. By becoming familiar with a range of driving conditions and circumstances, it will put you in good stead for your final assessment. However, like any exam, many people feel the nerves… even if they have good driving skills. If you have had previous experience in the exam, such as completing a pre-test assessment, your familiarity with what to expect can help to put your mind at ease so you can drive with confidence.

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  • 60 Minute Lesson & Test

    60 Minute Lesson & Test

    With our 60-minute Lesson and Test option, you can use our lesson car to perform your driving test. Driving the same car as you have been using for lessons can be a big advantage as you will be very comfortable and familiar with driving this particular car. With this option, our All Safe Driving School instructor will pick you up from your home in the inner west of Sydney, complete a 1-hour driving lesson, focusing on key aspects to help you pass your test, loan the car to you to complete the test, and then drop you home after the test.

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