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Our Driver Refresher Lessons Can Help You Get Driving Again

  • I highly recommend Rob to anyone looking for a driving instructor. He's extremely patient and I have gained a lot of knowledge. I passed my P's test on the first go. Once again, thankyou so much Rob. :)

  • I would like to thank you Rob for the lessons I passed my driving test all that practice I learnt so much and I pushed my self to achieve my goal all thanks to you thank you for the support. I would recommend it to my friends and family 😁

    Fats Khayy
  • Rob is a wonderful driving instructor. Very knowledgeable, calm and patient. Highly recommended to anyone.

    Daria Varfolomeeva
  • My nephew learnt with All Safe Driving School, Rob was great. Highly recommended

    Douglas Goh
  • How can Driver Refresher Lessons help?

    How can Driver Refresher Lessons help?

    We'll help you get back on the road and driving confidently

    Refresher driver lessons are recommended for drivers who have not been behind the wheel for a while, as well as older drivers, and overseas drivers wishing to upgrade their skills to meet the requirement of Australian roads and rules.

    Why You Should Consider Refresher Driving Lessons

    Any ability needs to be used regularly to be able to perform it with competence and confidence. This includes driving. When you have not driven for any length of time, you can lose your confidence… especially when parking, driving in congestion, at night, in the rain, or at higher speeds. At All Safe Driving School, our driver refresher lessons will help you regain that confidence.

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  • Other Reasons To Consider Refresher Driving Lessons

    Other Reasons To Consider Refresher Driving Lessons

    – Do your driving skills require a boost?
    – Have you not driven your vehicle recently?
    – Are you planning to drive in and around a new city?
    – Did you lose your license and are about to get back on the road?

    Fines and Demerit Points

    If your driving habits have earned you a series of fines and demerit points, it is probably a good idea to review your driving skills. Refresher driving lessons can help you to identify and fix what you are doing incorrectly behind the wheel that has resulted in fines and demerit points.

    Let the accredited instructors at All Safe Driving School help you get back on the road and drive with skills that won’t cost you more in fines.

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  • Are You 75 Years Or Older?

    Are You 75 Years Or Older?

    Senior drivers aged 75 and older are required by law to provide proof of medical fitness to keep a full unrestricted driver’s license. This means an annual medical assessment. Drivers 85 and older must also provide proof of passing an on-road driving assessment every two years. Driver refresher lessons are the perfect option to keep the Australian rules of the road fresh in your mind, and to maintain your skills and confidence on the road.

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